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fastIEP is endorsed by NASET!

fastIEP is an easy-to-use progress monitoring tool that gives teachers the ability to create, customize, individualize and monitor any IEP goal in seconds. Goals can be academic, behavioral or functional, with a wide variety of customization options for recording individual baselines, setting performance thresholds and establishing observation periods.

fastIEP automatically generates graphs and visualizations to tell the story of each individual student’s performance. By making sense of the data visually in real-time, we provide educators with the ability to intervene and adjust immediately. As indicated in the Endrew F. decision (2017), districts must “make progress in light of the child’s unique circumstances.” fastIEP ensures educational best practices and legal compliance, while significantly reducing the recording and paperwork burden on teachers.

The inventor of fastIEP, Harvard Neuroscientist Dr. Ned T. Sahin, PhD will be walking you through a live demo of all the key features of fastIEP and will then be taking your questions. Don’t miss it!